SYNpler - Device SYNcronisation made simPLER.

Synchronize your various e-Mail, contact and calendar providers across all your devices like Apple iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, Outlook, etc. with just one account in a secure and modern way.
Remotely control and apply policies to your devices.
All that without installing additional software, simply web based.

Our solution

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Problems you may face

You have to deal with all your devices and providers
  • Many different provider configurations?

    Your different providers for e-Mail, contact and calendar require you to maintain a complex device configuration?
  • Missing data protection?

    You are missing a secure option to protect your data and device e.g. When you have lost your device?
  • Complex device configurations?

    It takes you ages to configure your new devices in order to synchronize e-Mails, contacts and calendars?
  • Lost your data once?

    You have lost your device and all your data e.g. Contacts?
  • No backup of your data?

    You do not have an automated backup for your data e.g. Contacts?
  • Many different device types?

    You have difficulties to keep e-Mails, contacts and calendars on all your different devices in sync (Apple iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, Outlook, etc.)?
  • Installation of different applications?

    You are required to install different applications on different devices to enable your e-Mail, contact and calendar synchronization?
  • Access problems out of public networks?

    You are in a public network and you have problems to access your e-Mails, contacts or calendars?


SYNpler solution

  • Streamline your different provider configurations

    We help you to streamline the configuration of your providers into one account only.
  • Policy protection for your device

    We offer you a fully configurable policy based protection like enterprise tools e.g. Microsoft Exchange.
  • Simplify device configuration

    We provide you with one single account to synchronize your e-Mails, contacts and calendars on all of your devices.
  • Remote control your devices

    We enable you to control your device remotely e.g. Wipe it in case it gets lost.
  • Backup of your data

    We provide you with an option to manually or automatically take backups of your data.
  • Support many device types out of the box

    We support all Exchange ActiveSync enabled devices out of the box e.g. Apple iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, Outlook, etc.
  • No additional applications are required

    SYNpler is based on your native device supported functionality so there is no need for additional applications.
  • Overcome access problems

    SYNpler is based on the HTTPS protocol (www protocol). HTTPS is (like websites) accessible out of public networks.
You: Remote manage all your devices and providers


Our SYNpler commitments


Data security

As we are dealing with your most valuable data the focus on security aspects is our highest priority. We are using the newest technologies, security concepts and algorithms to protect your data.

In interest of your data privacy all our services are hosted in Frankfurt, Munich and Nuremberg (Germany).


Modern and handy design

We doing our best to keep the backend modern and handy so that you can get out your results easy and quickly.



We are trying to keep SYNpler as simple as possible to maintain a self-service tool for you.


Supported technologies

We are constantly increasing the number of supported technologies, right now we support common technologies for e-Mails, contacts and calendars.


Supported provides

We support all providers which offer the very common technologies outlined above (e.g. GMX,, GMAIL, etc.).


Supported devices

You are able to use us with nearby all systems e.g. Android, Apple iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone/Mobile, Windows (10) Mail/Contacts/Calendar, Outlook 2013/2016 plus all Exchange ActiveSync enabled devices.


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Use the SYNpler solution

Keep in mind that the below is a single use-case out of many others where SYNpler will benefit you. You can find more potential use-cases here.

You use a free mail service like GMX,, GMAIL or others where your address books (contacts), calendars and e-Mails are stored with the respective provider.
You also have multiple devices like Apple iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, Outlook, etc. where there is no simple and common way to synchronize all of the data between all of the devices.
You basically have to configure each set of data (address books, calendars and e-Mails) separately on each device.

This is where SYNpler can help you in a small number of steps:

  • 1/5


    Register with SYNpler for free.

  • 2/5


    Auto-configure your provider by only entering the provider account details.

  • 3/5

    Verify the configuration

    SYNpler is built in a way to detect and configure everything needed fully automatically and will updated you on its success.

  • 4/5

    Connect your devices

    In this step you connect your devices with your single SYNpler username and password by adding a new Exchange ActiveSync account.
    The system will enable your devices to automatically get your address books (contacts), calendars and e-Mails fully in sync.
    All Exchange ActiveSync enabled devices like Apple iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, Outlook, etc. are supported.

  • Monitor the activities

    Enjoy the dasboard by watching the synchronization status or remotly control your device.



Creative People

Stefan Witt

CEO & Co-founder

Dirk Dietrich

CTO & Founder

Fabian Schmidt

Administration & Support

Anna Fischer



Simple Questions


How can I get started?

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What does it cost me?

So far SYNpler is fully free of charge.


I have a question which is not answered?

Feel free to send us an e-Mail and share your thoughts.